St. Nicholas of Tolentine Parish

Parroquia San Nicolás de Tolentino 

3721 W. 62nd Street, Chicago, IL 60629 

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Thursday, March 21, 2019

TO:                  Parishioners

FROM:           Faith Team 

RE:                  Gallup’s ME25™ Survey

 How can we best accomplish what God has in mind for us? How can we best use the gifts and talents of the people who are a part of this parish? These are important questions, and we have been wrestling with them for quite some time at St. Nicholas of Tolentine.

 To this end, we want to hear from each of you. In the coming weeks, we will conduct Gallup’s Member Engagement (ME25) survey, a census of all adult members of our parish that will give you the opportunity to share your opinions about some of the key aspects of our parish life.

The survey will be administered by Gallup, an independent research company known for its understanding of people and their opinions. Although most of us know Gallup for its polling work, the organization has been listening to people’s opinions and studying successful organizations for several decades. With this experience, Gallup brings a seasoned ability to help us gather and understand all of the opinions throughout our parish.

 Your opinions will be completely confidential; Gallup will not reveal any individual responses to anyone. After we have received the results from Gallup, we will use them to start a dialogue about our parish and how we can more effectively accomplish our mission. We all have a stake in the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

 The success of this effort hinges on the completion of the survey by each one of us who is at least 18 years of age. We all share equally in our responsibility to reach the goal of 100% participation by our parish. Your opinions need to be heard.

This is an exciting time for our parish. We are taking important steps toward fulfilling God’s purpose for us now and in the years to come. The process and subsequent dialogue will help us all in that effort.


Faith Team